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Whisper App

unnamedI am happy to say that I am now working as a software developer for Whisper in Venice California !

The office is amazing, my coworkers are awesome, the product is great, and I get to focus on what I love most: iOS engineering!

I am looking forward to the coming months as a part of this new team.

And here is the App Store [Direct Link]


AppIconFullThis was quite a fun project!

I wrote all the code, but worked with four other amazing partners to make this little fun app come to life.

MEmoji is an iOS app for capturing and accessorizing GIF selfies!

  It allows you to make your own “reaction GIFs” for friends, and accessorize them in your own style.  MEmoji’s sharing options let you send your GIFs to friends via text message, post them to Instagram as a video, tweet them as a photo… anything emoji do, MEmoji does better!

It lets you make things like this…





The main website for the app is

And here is the App Store [Direct Link]


iconFinally Released!

After what has been the longest development cycle I have ever experienced, I and my partner Omid Zebarjadi have released our the initial version of our Medical app for iPad, Brainstem 101.

Omid got in contact with me in October of 2012 with the idea of creating an interactive and artistically accented app to help illustrate the complexities of the human brainstem.

After 2 years of on and off development, through more design iteration than I can count, we are finally ready to show our work to the world.

Omid gathered all the information and did ALL of the beautiful artwork himself, by hand, on his iPad.

I wrote all the codez.  😉

or  [Direct AppStore Link]

Quick Key!


For about the past year I have been working at Design By Educators, Inc., working  on our flagship project called Quick Key.

I build the initial rails web app, did a chunk of work on the iOS app, and now I am the Project Manager!

Been a lot of fun and a great learning experience!

Stitch It!

An iOS app for iPhone that I developed.

Stitch It! allows you to create one seamless image of a text message conversation so that you can share it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or anywhere else in the series of tubes that is the webernet machine. Stitch It! also allows you to remove (redact) details from a conversation that you might not want to share.

See it on the app store @:


I made a torrent searching front end that uses The Pirate Bay as its source.

It scrapes TPB for your search terms, and updates the app in realtime as you type!

It automatically sorts by seeders, allows multiple selection, and you can double click or press the “Download” button to download.

GetShit uses magnet links to open the torrent files in your torrent client.


Update: GetShit Mac Client is now Open Source!

View the code:

 Update #2: GetShit Web Service, also Open Source!

Visit the website:

View the code: